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Neighbourhood Theatre Company Presents: The Collective
A Taking Part Project from Young Vic

Neighbourhood Theatre Company is launching The Collective: 50 artists from Lambeth and Southwark who will create an epic new show from scratch, which will be staged at the Young Vic in January 2025.

From June 2024, The Collective will meet weekly for 8 months. Led by director Michelle Payne and supported by creative consultants, members of the group will collaborate in learning key skills in devising, curation, design, and the building blocks to creating a show.

We will create a multi-disciplinary group of 50 people that reflect key moments in the creative process. We are looking for people who identify as or have a keen interest in learning the following*:

- Actors
- Writers
- Designers
- Visual Artists
- Musicians
- Hairdressers
- Make Up Artists
- Sound Designers
- Lighting Designers
- Composers
- DJs
- Artists
- Carpenters
- Stage Managers
- Production Management
- Bakers
- Florists
- Chefs

*Please note the options above are just a guide, we are interested in how you interpret your artistry or how you could positively contribute to the group.

With commitment, community and collaboration as the central focus, the group will embark on this chapter with openness and creativity. At the start of the process we will pose the question:

“What does co-creation look like when we interrogate the traditional conventions of making multi-disciplinary art that centers creative exploration and joy?”

Members of The Collective will be recruited through a series of workshops during May Fest 2024 on the following days:

Saturday 11th May | Young Vic | Clare Studio

  • 11-12:30PM
  • 2-3:30PM

Monday 13th May | Young Vic | Clare Studio

  • 6-7:30PM
  • 7:45 – 9:15pm


Before applying please review the schedule as you will need to make a commitment to the full project.

To be eligible to apply for The Collective, you must be an existing Neighbourhood Theatre Company member or have been a part of a Neighbourhood Theatre project/production in the past 5 years. This includes the following projects: Neighbourhood Voices, Neighbourhood Acting Programme, and Neighbourhood Play, as well as the productions TWENTY TWENTY, Of The Cut and Tribe.

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